We Do

To be an artist is to step outside of convention, we exist in the spaces in between and it’s sometimes hard to explain to others what we do. That’s why with our upcoming album we figured that putting our alternative lifestyle in the context of a marriage would help non-musicians better understand the commitment we’ve made to what we do; our commitment to Rock ‘n Roll.

We Do, is a marriage, it’s a marriage to music, a marriage to each other and a commitment to creating alternative music for the sake of music as art. However the marriage analogy and album concept extends beyond just our commitment to being musicians. It also challenges the hetero-normative standards that tend to define the institution of marriage as well as the often dangerous message fundamentalist religion conveys about the LGBTI community throughout Africa and the world.

The album artwork is done in the style of a commemorative wedding plate akin to the plates issued by the British royal family on significant occasions. The idea was to take a jab at the excess and opulence associated with both weddings and the British monarchy. It seems absurd to us that the British royal family still has any relevance or context in today’s world but on a deeper level that they have amassed such a huge personal fortune through colonial atrocities. Similarly, people tend to spend large amounts of money on what is essentially a borderline narcissistic, once-off party and the true meaning of marriage often becomes lost in all the pomp and ceremony. People tend to place more value on appearances rather than the true essence of commitment.

To counter this notion of excess we have created a gift registry on our website which enables people to trade specific items in exchange for our music. The majority of the items on this list are things which we can donate such as blankets, sanitary pads etc. We have also encouraged people to suggest items they feel would be worthy of the same trade.

We fucking do and so should you.

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